Carmen Souza in Tallinn, 2014

Carmen Souza gave two concerts in Estonia: Tallinn at the Russian Cultural Center and Tartu at Vanemuine Concert Hall. In 2003, Carmen Souza and Theo Pascal released their debut album Ess êna Cape Verde, where the ancestral dialects of the creole, the traditional African and Cape Verde rhythms such as Batuke, Morna, Cola djon, etc., contemporary jazz and Latin American music, meet with the ancestors. The album led to Carmen’s promising international career.

What has been done

Carmen Souza concert @ Tartu 2014

Photos: Martin Oja

Opening of the Bobsleigh season 2016

Photos: Kristo Parksepp

Chico & The Gypsies concert 2014

Photos: Heiti Kruusmaa ja Martin Gorris