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Chico & The Gypsies 2014

We produced the group Chico & The Gypsies on the 13th of February 2014 at Nordea Kontserdimaja (former Nokia) for a full house. Chico Bouchikhi, the group’s leader has been fighting for World Peace with guitar and a power of his lyrics since 1996 when he was omitted a UNESCO title. As a founder of the legendary Gypsi Kings he has made a very successful carrier touring the World. His music speaks of love, beautiful women, freedom and gypsi life.

What has been done

Opening of the Bobsleigh season 2016

Photos: Kristo Parksepp

Opening of the Bobsleigh season 2015

Photos: Laas Valkonen

Corporate trip to French Riviera 2014

Photos: Manu Messier