Opening of the Bobsleigh season 2015

Cool Runnings – opening of the Bobsleigh season
When Jamaica went Olympic games with their bobsleigh team for the first time in 1988, why should not Estonians be able to in 2018 !? For this event, we brought a real bobsleigh in the club and advertised a dresscode: “jamaicans on ice”. After this event the freshly created Estonian Bobsleigh team was going to train with an ambitious goal: go to the Korean Olympics in 2018!

What has been done

Carmen Souza concert @ Tartu 2014

Photos: Martin Oja

Corporate trip to French Riviera 2014

Photos: Manu Messier

Chico & The Gypsies concert 2014

Photos: Heiti Kruusmaa ja Martin Gorris